Monday, May 23, 2011

Father's Day!!!!

We found so many cute options this time that we just couldn't choose... So, we are going to make you!!! Haha! We know that's tough, but you are just going to have to do it... :)

Our first project is perfect for the 'Grillin' Dad' in your life! This little box will be filled with a delicious treat and a matching hamburger greeting card.

Our second project will be the envy of all 'Golfing Dad's' everywhere! We ran out of time so we borrowed this card from another great demonstrator but ours will be very similar.

The last project is perfect for the 'Handy Dad!' This little tool box has the perfect hiding place for a gift card so Dad can go and find the perfect gift for himself!

We will need your choice for your project by May 31st so we will have time to get
all the kits together. 

Please don't forget! Good luck!

If you would like more than one project they will be available for purchase for $5 each!  Perfect for husband, dad, father-in-law, boss..........

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May * Mother's Day Book

This month we made a Mother's Day Book and a cute gift bag to put the books in to give to your mothers.

Here is the book:
Notice that the ribbon is off to the right...

Without the ribbon:

The inside (Click picture to enlarge)
Put the ribbon under the last picture. DO NOT center the ribbon. It needs to go off to the side so the ribbon ties to the right hand side (see the first picture at the top)

Here's the cute Grandma quote. For some reason this picture won't flip the right direction!

The next two pictures show embellishments you can do if you choose! :) Have fun!

Our second project is an 
 Owl Gift Bag
 Start off by cutting out pattern and stamping a background stamp on front and back side of bag.
Then attach the belly, nose, eyes and flower. The instructions for the flower are the same as the bunny tale from last month. The tutorial is found here: . 
The inside of the bag looks like this before it is attached.
You will need two pieces of 5" x 10" paper scored like this:
the black lines are the scored lines, and the green lines will need to be cut.
 Fold along all the scored lines and put together using glue or sticky strip. 
You will then put sticky strip along the front and back sides of the bag to attach your owl to. Be sure to leave at least an inch of space so the sticky strip doesn't show under the owl.  
After you glue the owl to front and back, punch holes in each side for the ribbon.

   VoilĂ !

 Here is your beautiful finished bag!